Captain Hell leads an odd ball crew of misfits including the rustic, word twisting chief mechanic Moe, the prosthetic trouble magnet Zed and the multi-personalitied alien Gra as they somewhat defend Sol System, the back water planetary system containing Earth in the boring part of the Milkyway Galaxy.



 As people may know, I've been using the original Bitstrips comic builder to create my Local Patrol strips.  Bitstrips has decided to shut down the original site without much notice.  What this means is that there will be temporary hiatus with the series while I figure how I'm going to continue on and that all the previous episodes will not be available until I redesign the site and upload all those many strips.  I have every intention of carrying so please bear with me while I figure this all out.


  Just a quick update.  I've found a new host for Local Patrol.  Next I have to do some set up and see how Local Patrol will be rendered now.  As this is a busy time for my day job, things will take a bit of time.


More Update:

I've initiated a domain transfer between hosts which could take up to seven days.  There will be a change of format which will definitely be a work in progress.  Please bear with me during this process which as I said earlier is happening during a very busy time for my day job.

A Not-Much-Of-An-Update: 

I've been have a brutal time with severe shift changes in a very busy workplace that has kept me somewhat occupied and drained.  I've got some issues that need resolving as far as setting up a new strip archive.  This is necessary for the sort of large story arcs I tell but it's not something that is an obstacle in the short term.  I do believe that it is essential that I maintain the look and feel of the series so far and this presents challenges as my native draw style is somewhat different from the style of Local Patrol so far.  I especially don't want to have a change in look in the middle of a story!  I'm waiting to see how some things pan out so please continue to be patient.  I only desire not to have Local Patrol become less than what it has been.

 Holiday Message

Dear Local Patrol Readers.  Unfortunately this holiday season is proving to be a little too busy for me this year so Local Patrol will be taking a rest this week but don't worry, it will return. Happy holidays and the best of the season to you all. 

 Holiday Message part 2

Dear Local Patrol readers, this has remained a busy holiday season for me so I must once again apologize.  I just don't have time this New Years to make a strip but Local Patrol will return in the new year.


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